The Midwest Chess Camp is held in the summer of each year, usually in August. The goal is to provide a high quality chess education for the scholastic (K-12+) players from the central Illinois area to mix and meet with top chess educators to increase their understanding of the game and improve their play. Students are broken in groups according to their playing skill. Beginners re-enforce their understandings of the rules and learn basic strategies and tactics for play. Intermediate players work on advanced tactics and more sophisticated endgame issues. Advanced players receive training in all aspects of the game with a holistic approach to game planning. All players receive the personal attention of their instructor.

After classes on Thursday and Friday, a tournament is held on Saturday to allow our students to display what they have learned. The tournament is open to all scholastic players and available to those who cannot participate in lessons earlier in the week.

Players are automatically sorted into 3 categories - Novice, Intermediate & Advanced. Advanced players have attained a rating of 1200. Intermediate players have attained a rating of 800 or have reached the 6th grade. Players rated below 800 are placed into the Novice section. If you prefer to be in another section, please indicate on sign up. We will be happy to switch you to your desired section.

Tournament Attendees

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