Midwest Chess Camp

Chess Tip of the Day: Think First, Move Second!

All Sections Standings include Tie-Break, however, Cash prizes are divided among the winners. See USCF Official Rules of Chess, section 32 for details on how cash prizes are calculated.


Pairings are not posted to the Internet for this tournament. Small tournaments (under 100 players) are printed and posted locally at the tournament site. Pre-tournament pairings are subject to change before the start of round 1.


USCF Crosstables with Updated Ratings

Prize List: Tal

Name Cash Prize credited to pool

Individual Upset: Tal

Name Points Victim Award

Prize List: Polgar

Name Cash Prize credited to pool

Individual Upset: Polgar

NamePointsVictim Award

Schedule - G40/5d

Registration: 8:00am
Rounds: 9:30am, Remaining roundsd ASAP
Extra half hour between rounds for lunch

Sets, Boards and Clocks will be provided. In case of dispute, organizer provided equipment must be used.